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Throughout the year, Osteria dai Mazzeri organises different events combining both food and wine and cultural interests.

During 2012, for example, one night was dedicated to “bollito” (a traditional dish consisting of boiled beef and chicken meat) and in another occasion a cheese tasting was organised together with the cheese expert Hansi Baumgartner.

On other occasions, our restaurant provided the framework for art exhibitions by Matteo Massagrande, Giuseppe Puglisi, Piero Zuccaro, Piero Vignozzi, Franco Sarnari, Piero Guccione and Francesco Michelin. Our customers had the chance to have their dinner surrounded by a unique atmosphere, listening to some live music or to the art expert Marco Goldin. Marco Goldin organised some of the major painting exhibitions in Italy, such as the recent “Raffaello towards Picasso” in Vicenza.