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Our rich starter mix“Il Gran Misto dell’Osteria” is a synthesis of our culinary philosophy. This dish consists of a selection of seasonal starters. The perfect starter to discover the flavours of our Venetian lands.

Our Fresh Egg Home-Made Pasta is the absolute queen of our menu, the perfect match to traditional Venetian ingredients. Our mouth watering selection of first courses features duck meat and mushroom ravioli, pumpkin tortelli served with a Morlacco cheese Fondue and risotto with season Vegetables. Choose from a wide selection of soups: “pasta e fasoi” (thick bean soup with fresh egg pasta), “minestrone” (our organic vegetable soup) or the creamy red radicchio soup all feature on the menu subject to the season.


Our Menu features a good number of Local white meat recipes. An example of those are “Pit in Tecia”, a local language expression used by our grandmothers to describe cock meat cooked in Prosecco or red wine stew-cooking sauce, served with white “Biancoperla Polenta” (a smooth warm maize porridge obtained by hand stirring stone-ground flour for hours) and “Patate Cornette” (small crunchy potatoes). The “Anatra di Motta” (duck grown in the Livenza area) consists of oven cooked duck meat served with “Salsa Peverada” (a savoury meat sauce to accompany rich meats), while the Lamb from the Alpago area is well known for its sweet and tender meat which is slow roasted.

Faithful to our regional cuisine, we also serve various giblet-based Venetian Dishes, such as “Fegato alla Venziana” (calf liver seared with onions and Prosecco wine), “Trippa alla Veneta” (tripe) or fish dishes cooked using local traditional methods, such as the Baccalà alla Vicentina (codfish cooked in a typical Vicenza sauce). Top quality beef is imported from neighbouring regions: upon request, your selected cuts of Chianina and Fassona are grilled on our open fire front of you.


A special mention for the humble “Spiedo”, or skewered meat. You will be pleasantly surprised by our fantastic take on what is renowned as one of the tastiest dishes of the local area. Our king size skewers prepared with chicken, calf and pork chokes are slowly roasted on our open fire for at least 4 hours. Meticulous positioning and persistent basting guarantee an excellent result every time, with meat that is crunchy on the outside and so tender that it melts in your mouth, on the inside. Our skewers are typically served with local fresh mushrooms and polenta, and are  generally available in autumn and winter at weekends.